Happy New Year

We sell Black Eyed Peas by the Quart with cornbread for 9.99 and I was trying to fax the note to the diner in Plano where the fax machine was having technical difficulties, so I called the diner and told them to make a sign…good golly Mama, my employee, Jodi, kicked it up a notch with this great handmade sign!


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Reality Show

Our newest Diner in Plano will host a film crew, filming a Diner scene for a reality show that they can’t reveal to me the name, between the 13th and the 16th.

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Mama’s and Daughters

Besides Mama, Daughters and Granddaughters, did you know that we have 6 sets of Mama’s and Daughter’s on our team? Just counted them and thought I’d share that! Ha…

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